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Who We Are

 Mountainview Mechanical Inc. was started in 1997 as Industrial Mechanical Services in Chicago, Illinois. We then relocated to Morgantown, PA in 2000 and rebranded our company’s name to Mountainview Mechanical Inc. In June of 2019 we outgrew our Morgantown location, and relocated once again, this time to Reading, PA.

We are an ever growing company committed to maintaining a strong competitive position in the mechanical installation industry.

 Personnel safety, limiting production downtime, and cost efficiency take top priority with Mountainview Mechanical.

Mountainview Mechanical offers a wide variety of services that are located on our Services page. Please take a look at what we can offer your company.

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What We Do

  Mountainview Mechanical is a national leader in the repair and maintenance of all types of environmental pollution control equipment. Specializing in industrial repair, industrial machinery repair, industrial electronic repair and more. We work closely with many east coast and some national companies with regards to their industrial and mechanical equipment maintenance & repair.  

We repair RTO equipment (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers), separation units, incinerators, heat exchangers, catalytic oxidizers, and more.  

We can replace any ceramic media, and have the ability to do all types of industrial valve cleaning, repair or valve replacement.  

We also specialize in the installation of high quality air pollution control equipment.  

We are  one of the best insulation and refractory contractors around. If you are in need of an industrial maintenance mechanic please do not hesitate to call us for all environmental mechanical repair or service needs. 

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Mountainview Mechanical, Inc.

1250 Clarion Street, Reading, Pennsylvania 19601, United States

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